A cohesive approach to your vision

Our Approach

We approach every garden as a new journey. We listen and we take our time to obtain a thorough understanding of the garden, the environment within which it sits and the aspirations of our clients. We form strong relationships with our clients and ensure that we maintain consistent communication channels throughout the journey.


The journey begins with the concept phase. This is the most important part of the process. We begin with a site visit to get to know you and familiarise ourselves with the garden. This initial meeting forms the basis upon which the design proposals are discussed and a client brief is produced.

It is at this stage that ideas are shared between ourselves and our client. Hand drawn sketches, photographs, shared mood boards all assist with ensuring that we understand the vision and an inclusive design will be put forward.


The concept proposals are finely tuned to produce a detailed design masterplan and a series of section plans depending on the elements and scale of the project. Upon completion of this stage, the detailed construction plan is put together, forming the masterplan that our landscaping team will work from.

Our design stage will also include bespoke planting plans as required, with accompanying details of plant characteristics and the quantities needed. Our planting ethos is ‘right plant, right place’; making considered choices that reflect the client’s preferences, the nature of the locality and, most importantly, creating planting schemes that delight for many years to come.


This is where your vision and our concept become reality. Our experienddced team of landscapers will begin the build of the design using highly skilled, traditional and state of the art techniques to bring your vision to life.

Working closely with our designer, our considerate and resourceful team will construct all elements of the design, from laying turf and paving to building steps, walls and raised beds. Our horticulturalist and designer will oversee new planting and together our entire team will ensure all aspects of the project are completed to the highest standards.


However, our journey with you doesn’t end here, we like to keep in touch with our clients, revisiting the gardens as they evolve, offering advice on maintaining the garden as it grows and changes through the seasons. We can be happy that we have achieved our goals when clients enjoy spending time in the garden, no matter what the season and for many years to come.

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