A Dash For The Line!

With many of our clients wanting their projects completed for the Summer Holidays, the month of June was definitely a dash for the line! Alex and the groundworks team have been working all hours to complete our terrace project in time for our client’s family party this weekend with Sian and Lucy doing a marathon planting blitz to ensure the borders looked spot on. But we’re pleased to say it’s done, dusted and we have happy clients looking forward to sipping a glass or two (!) on their new terrace.

Whilst ‘the boys’ have been busy with their diggers and hauling large limestone pavers into place, ‘the girls’ have been really enjoying some garden restoration projects.  We’ve been working in some beautiful gardens, helping our clients to overhaul and refresh the planting in their existing borders;  redesign planting in areas that might not be working as well as they could be and generally rejuvenate the garden as a whole. These projects are really fun as there are lots of ideas thrown around at the beginning as we begin to get a feel of the type of planting schemes that our clients envisage, lots of lovely plant images are shared between us and from there we we put together planting plans and a comprehensive planting list, giving details of plant characteristics, flowering times etc.  Through our links with trade nurseries, we then order in the plants, prepare the planting areas and do all the planting according to the plans… et voilà  - A stunning, fresh and long lasting garden for our clients to enjoy – it’s not rocket science - it all comes down to “Right plant, right place” ...

But despite signing off on some big projects, there’s no time to sit back as we’ve been out and about , visiting our previous projects to see how they are developing (thrilled with our Bruton roof terrace – see pic below) as well as looking at new projects to get stuck into this Autumn - we’ve certainly got some exciting ones in the pipeline – all will be revealed…

A lot of planting to be done!
All planted up and ready for the party... phew!
The week before - the lads working barefoot to make sure the beautiful limestone looks perfect -that's dedication!
Our contemporary terrace garden in it's full June glory - hard to believe this was only planted last Autumn.