This is just the beginning…

As some of our 2021 projects comes to an end, with the last bulbs being planted, the last of the perennials put in before the first frosts and paving stones are given their final brush off, it is of course, a highly satisfying moment to see the work complete. However, in reality, our relationship with the gardens and clients is only just beginning. The idea that a garden is ever 'finished' is a misconception. A garden is in a state of evolution at all times, constantly growing and changing. It's not like redoing a room in your house where you paint the walls, get new furniture and then set it all up just how you want it, step back, admire and say 'done' - that is never the case with a garden. Whilst every client, gardener and designer must always pause to take a moment to admire reaching the completion of a project, it is actually just the beginning. At our initial meetings with clients we always ask about 'maintenance' and how the garden will be managed at the end of the design project. However, we actually prefer to use the phrase 'ongoing development' as that's a considerably more exciting way of looking to the future and actually so more applicable. Maintenance implies monotonous jobs that keep things statutory, whereas ongoing development is very much closer to the reality of looking after a garden for many years to come. Whilst many of our clients request 'low maintenance' schemes and plants, gardens are transient in their nature, being in a constant cycle of change with the seasons. Of course there are plenty of ways to create a low maintenance garden, however all gardens will need some attention throughout the year. At McNulty & Stonebridge we relish the opportunity to be involved with the development of the garden well after the design has been completed and always endeavour to offer our clients this service. We so enjoy seeing the gardens evolve, tweaking where needed and/or getting stuck in with whatever gardening needs doing at each point in time. Our diary is already filling up with gardens to go and check over this winter and it's often the case that we'll get a few jobs done whilst we are there. It's a win, win - we benefit from seeing our designs develop and mature and our clients benefit by being able to work with us to keep everything just so. Of course everyone is different and some clients are more hands on than others when it comes to looking after the garden but whatever clients choose it is never a 'goodbye' from us as that last plant is put into the soil as this is where the garden begins and we simply can't resist coming back! 

The team plant the beautiful pleached Fagus sylvatica purpurea (Copper Beech) as part of the final stages of this contemporary Bruton project.
Just the last of the pavers and herringbone brick 'stepping stones' to put down at this town garden
Planting out the terrace container garden at Bruton